382.6 kg of Waste collected from Serasa Beach as part of Hengyi Industries Beach Cleanup

Serasa Recreational Beach, 20 September 2023 – Hengyi Industries Sdn Bhd. (Hengyi Industries), in collaboration with Green Brunei, held a Beach Cleanup in conjunction with World Cleanup Day, where 45 Hengyi employees and 10 volunteers from Green Brunei participated and collected a total of 382.6 kg of waste across 50 bags to help keep Serasa Recreational Beach pristine.

The event began with a safety briefing by Green Brunei, which was followed by a short warm- up session. During the beach cleanup, the participants collectively worked together to remove litter and debris from the beach, which was then weighted and moved to the proper designated trash disposal area at the end of the event.

The Beach Cleanup is part of Hengyi Industries’ One Planet Initiative, a dedicated environmental programme aimed at preserving the natural beauty of Brunei Darussalam’s beaches. The initiative also plays a crucial role to help tackle beach pollution by reducing the litters on the shores, which poses a significant threat to marine animals as they can mistake it for food.

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