Hengyi’s ‘Keep Brunei Clean’ 2015 Campaign at PMB

Senior management and staff members of Hengyi Industries yesterday carried out a ‘Keep Brunei Clean’ campaign along the South Eastern shore of PMB.  The initiative is an annual event aimed at fostering a sense of responsibility and accountability among Hengyi’s staff of the need to preserve cleanliness and serenity in the surrounding area.

“Protecting the environment is something that Hengyi has been advocating from day one.  Brunei is a beautiful and clean country and we would like to play a part in ensuring that it remains that way.  There are a lot of containers, debris and drifting wood washed ashore along the beaches at PMB and it is everyone’s responsibility including Hengyi’s to ensure the beaches around the island and across Brunei are kept clean” said Mr Shen Xiao Fei, Deputy Director of Hengyi’s Integrated Project Management Team.

“The ‘Keep Brunei Clean’ campaign this year coincides with the 24th day of the Chinese Lunar calendar when it is customary to clean your premises, courtyard, appliances and beddings to welcome the Lunar New Year. It is the Chinese culture and symbolizes purity and brings good luck and fortune to the family” explained Mr Chen Kong Ju, Assistant General Manager at Hengyi Industries.


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