Hengyi’s Cleaning Campaign on PMB

Serasa, Muara, 20 October 2016.  Senior management and staff members of Hengyi Industries yesterday carried out a ‘Keep Brunei Clean’ campaign along the South Eastern shore of PMB.  The initiative is a quarterly event organized by Hengyi aimed at fostering a sense of responsibility and accountability among Hengyi’s staff and its contractors of the need to preserve cleanliness and serenity in the surrounding area.

“Brunei is a pristine and clean country and it is Hengyi’s responsibility to ensure it remains that way.  The beautiful beaches around the island and across Brunei are home to some of the most beautiful wildlife flora & fauna and we must preserve these at all times” said Mr Shen Xiao Fei, Deputy Director of Hengyi’s Integrated Project Management Team.

“We have carried out several Environmental Impact Assessment studies prior to commencing construction activities on the island. We will ensure that the construction activities will not adversely impact the ecology in the surrounding areas.  ” explained Sheikh Rashid Salam, VP Corporate for Hengyi.

Hengyi has started construction activities of its petrochemical and cargo jetties along the South Eastern and Western shores of PMB which is due to be completed end 2017.

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