Hengyi industries holds blood donation campaign

Serasa, Muara 12 August 2015. In collaboration with RIPAS Hospital Blood Bank, Hengyi Industries held a blood donation drive at its Muara Office in Serasa yesterday. Present at the event were senior management and staff members of Hengyi Industries and its contractors.

A total of 50 donors bled for a good cause, possibly saving someone’s life as well as their own. According to a report by Medical Daily, donating blood can help reduce the risk of heart attacks and cancer. The benefit arises from lowering of iron levels which affects the viscosity of the blood. High levels of iron cause the blood to thicken. The viscosity of blood determines the friction between the blood and artery lining which can ultimately damage the arteries if not managed. Regular blood donations can reduce blood viscosity and eliminate excess iron that could potentially oxidise the blood and cause heart diseases and cancer.

 “This is our first blood donation drive as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility.  The response from staff members and our partners have been tremendous with a total of 65 staff participating and collected 50 pints of blood.  I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the Blood Donation Centre for their assistance in setting up the facility.  Hengyi will continue to uphold its commitment to the local community and ensure that there is enough blood supply in Brunei Darussalam” said Mr Shen Xiao Fei, Deputy Director of Hengyi’s Integrated Project Management Team.


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