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We Are Hengyi

With the aspiration to be the leading petrochemical plant in the region, Hengyi Industries strive to achieve excellence in developing petrochemicals through pursuing innovation and business sustainability.

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New Horizon for Sustainability


Globally, Sustainable Development can be considered a ‘balance’ of Society, Economy and Environment. For the protection of the Environment, Society needs to exist, but for Society to exist there needs to be an Economy to support ...

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HYBN has a mission and vision statement to create and embed safety and zero harm culture within our entire organization. With the implementation of Workplace Safety & Health Order we will strive even harder to achieve our Vision.

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Youth Development

HYBN supports youth development. Our company believes in engaging more local talents to the management and operation of the company as a large part of moving forward. Graduates are given opportunities through the fully funded..

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Join the Challenge

In order to thrive in the economy, we want to harness the talent of potential partners and employees to be able to make a difference for the economy as a whole. We openly welcome companies to join partnership with us and local talents to be a part of our dynamic team as we constantly seek for methods to improve in more effective ways to produce quality and valuable work.