Hengyi Industries Organises Khatam Al-Quran To Mark the Month of Ramadhan

Setia Ali Mosque, 6 May 2021 – Hengyi Industries Sdn Bhd (Hengyi) held a Khatam Al-Quran ceremony at Setia Ali Mosque, Muara. The ceremony was held to mark the completion for the group recitation of 30 chapters of the Al-Quran by Hengyi’s staff in conjunction with the holy month of Ramadhan.

Present during the event as the guest of honour was Yang Mulia Dato Seri Paduka Awang Haji Matsatejo bin Sokiaw, Deputy Minister of Energy.

Also in attendance were Yang Berhormat Pengiran Haji Mohamed bin Pengiran Haji Osman @ Othman, Member of the Legislative Council and Acting Penghulu of Mukim Serasa; Yang Mulia Pengiran Haji Jamra Weira bin Pengiran Haji Petra, Deputy Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Energy; as well as the Acting Village Head of Kampong Serasa, Kampong Kapok, and Kampong RPN Meragang; Managing Director of Strategic Development Capital Fund (SDCF); and the Senior Manager of the Investment Division of SDCF.

40 Hengyi’s staff participated in the Khatam Al-Quran ceremony, which began with the Recitation of Surah Al-Fatihah and the recital of Quranic verses led by Awang Hamirul Hashim Bin Haji Hassan, followed by the recitation of Takhtim led by Awangku Khairul Alimin bin Pengiran Haji Osman. Mohammad Aminuddin bin Haji Yusof led the Dikir Marhaban and the Doa Khatam was led by Mohammad Fazli Haji Zulkifli.

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