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Hengyi Industries Sdn Bhd is an international joint venture company incorporated in Brunei Darussalam, to construct, own and operate Brunei Darussalam's first world class Oil refinery. We invite suitably qualified Bruneians to apply for the following vacant positions:

Job Opening

Position Closing Date
HR SAP Specialist (1 post) 19th December 2022 5.30p.m.
Overhead Crane Chief Mechanic (2 post) 13th December 2022 5.30p.m.
HOD, Power Department (1 post), Chief Operator, Boiler (10 post), Chief Operator, Turbine (10 post), Chief Operator, Chemical Water (10 post), Chief Operator, Atmospheric & Vacuum Distillation (10 post), Chief Operator, Hydrogenation (10 post) , Chief Operator, Hydrocracking (10 post) , Chief Operator, Reforming (10 post), Chief Operator, Aromatics (10 post) , Chief Operator, Flexi-coking (10 post) , Chief Operator, Sulfur (10 post), Chief Operator, Air Separation & Compression (10 post) , Chief Operator, Water Treatment (10 post) , Chief Operator, Jetties (10 post) , Chief Operator, Tank Storage (10 post) , Planning Engineer (Commercial Department) (2 post) , Market Analyst (Commercial Department) (2 post) , Senior Engineer, Rotating Equipment (3 post) , Senior Engineer, Static Equipment (3 post) , Water Management, Senior Engineer (1 post) ,Team Lead, Electrical Maintenance (2 post) , Chief Operator, Electrical Maintenance (3 post) ,Chief Operator, Instrument Maintenance (4 post) , Environment Protection Engineer (1 post) ,System Management Supervisor (1 post) , Planning Manager (Scheduling and Dispatch Department) (1 post) , Senior Engineer (Scheduling and Dispatch Department) (2 post) , Shift Dispatch (Scheduling and Dispatch Department) (5 post) , Fire Equipment Management Engineer (1 post) , Equipment Procurement Engineer (1 post) , Network Hardward Engineer (2 post) , Captain (2 post) , Second Engineer (2 post) , Maintenance Electrician (2 post) , Fire Fighter Dispatcher (2 post) , Scaffolder (3 post) , Rigger (1 post) , Warehouse Team Lead (2 post) , Mechanical Operator/ Oiler (6 post) , Single Point Mooring (2 post) 7th December 2022, 5.30pm

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Describe briefly your specific duties and responsilibities for each position held. Also list any significant accomplisment you made in each position.

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