Don't blow it - good planets are hard to find.

Globally, Sustainable Development can be considered a ‘balance’ of Society, Economy and Environment. For the protection of the Environment, Society needs to exist, but for Society to exist there needs to be an Economy to support the livelihood of the Society, in providing jobs welfare and security. HYBN through the approved

Environmental Impact Assessment

is committed to ensuring that the environment and society mitigates any impact to an acceptable level. The commitments amongst others include areas pertaining to air, water, noise, hazardous materials, waste, ecological, socio-economics and emergency response / preparedness. As such, HYBN have produced the following posters to inform our Contractors regarding the wild life and archaeological sensitivities on PMB.

HYBN welcomes any feedback form the general public on matters relating to the environment surrounding the PMB area. HYBN has a Corporate Department that will handle queries relating to the company and its activities.