"Safety First" is "Safety Always."

HYBN has a mission and vision statement to create and embed safety and zero harm culture within our entire organization. With the implementation of Workplace Safety & Health Order we will strive even harder to achieve our Vision.

In order to create a zero harm culture, we expect all our employees and contractors to inculcate a safe and caring attitude. We insist that all employees and contractors must subscribe to Hengyi’s HSE Management System which comprises of our objectives and goals which are governed by mandatory procedures, work instructions and guidelines.

Employees and contractors are also encouraged to engage in all safety related conversation. In order to achieve this we bond our relationship by having lunch and other curricular activities together no matter what national and level they are.

Our 10 Golden Rules have been tabled out to adopt the Critical Activities at our worksite. These 10 Golden Rules are adopted from best practices worldwide which are acceptable and well recognized.

We will fully embed our HSE Management System in all aspects of our activities and apply continuous improvement processes into our work ethics.